Don't know if you want or need a doula with you for labor and delivery but know that you would like to talk to an experienced professional when creating your birth plan? We can do that!  Jacqueline is a government relations consultant by day and writes many "one pagers" on complex legal issues to be distributed to busy legislators and their staffers.  They, like obstetricians and overworked labor and delivery nurses, generally don't take time to read detailed documents. Enter the visual birth plan: an engaging document with bold graphics in lieu of huge blocks of text. Trust a  consultant with more than a decade of experience in creating appealing informative documents to help you create your ideal birth plan.

You can expect:

  • At least 1 prenatal meeting to discuss your options and develop a birth plan.
  • A personalized visual birth plan comprised of bold graphics that nurses and other care providers can quickly scan and understand, even in high stress environments.